Creamy Veggie Soup

Creamy Veggie Soup

‘Writing is a lot like making soup. My mind cooks the idea but I have to sit down at the computer to pour it out.’ Robin Wells

I recently moved to a new suburb after spending most of my life in Pinelands, Cape Town. I have become closer to a new friend and we go to church together and also belong to the same ‘book-club” … read wine club. 

In conversation I mentioned a yummy zucchini soup I had made that morning, she asked for the recipe, so I typed it out for her.

Here it is for you to try this autumn – there are a few variations so take your pick.

Creamy veggie soup

1 large Onion – diced
2 medium garlic cloves – minced
Small carrot – diced
Zucchini [or butternut/pumpkin or broccoli or cauliflower …] cut into chunks
Potato (optional)
Stock [veggie or chicken]
Salt pepper

Gently fry onions and veggies in a knob of butter and olive oil until golden then add
garlic. Fry until garlic is cooked.

Add stock to cover the veggies, cook on medium heat until the veggies are soft.

When they are cooked, blend until smooth and add 125ml cream. (approx.)

To serve add feta cheese and chopped parsley.

Butternut/pumpkin Version
Add a spoon of curry powder to the soup when frying off the veggies
You can add a swirl of cream to butternut soup in place of feta.


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