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South Africa an attractive long haul destination

South Africa will be an attractive destination when long haul travel starts up again

We strongly believe that South Africa will be an attractive destination when Long Haul travel opens again.  Globally we have had one of the strictest safety protocols. Could our severe regulations indicate that SA is taking this virus very seriously and the safety of people is paramount?  When tourists are deciding which destination to visit, surely this will put us ahead of a number of other countries who have not been as diligent in managing the pandemic?

Open Spaces

Our vast spaces where visitors can remain largely in their ‘bubble’ while enjoying the abundant wildlife and nature on offer here.  Private escorted family tours, exclusive use game viewing vehicles and small group nature walks are already popular, this will become high priority when bookings start rolling in again.

Safety Protocols

Tourism suppliers are working hard at putting safety protocols in place to ensure guest well-being is as fail-safe as possible.  Guidelines for hotels, guest houses, transport suppliers and attractions are all being fine-tuned with the aim of ensuring maximum safety.

Value for money

Let’s not forget our attractive exchange rate for inbound visitors, the ZAR has weakened significantly over the past few months giving tourists more value for their money when they land on our shores.


South Africans have heart and the tourism sector, while crawling through this prolonged challenge, is hard at work sharing ideas, safety guidelines and encouraging one another.  We work in the small to medium enterprise level and without doubt the most encouraging feature of this lockdown has been support shown to one another. 

South Africa is naturally a beautiful country; nature, views, experiences, culture, adventure, food and of course wines but the greatest beauty in my mind is the heart of its people.

Thabo Mbeki’s poem ‘I am an African’ ends with these words ‘Whatever the setbacks of the moment, nothing can stop us now. Whatever the difficulties, Africa shall be at peace!’.   And so this too will pass and we will find peace and happiness and success in tourism in South Africa again soon.

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